You just Googled ‘New Year Resolutions’, the results turned out to be over twenty-four billion. Well, you must be practically surprised!! When the New Year hits, most people worldwide espouse to make resolutions to bring their life on track. How crazy is that!! It’s pretty worthless to wait yearlong to commit some promises. However, we do wait a year!! Start exercising!! Stop smoking!! Eat healthy!! The promises sound good but the point is ‘how to stick to the resolutions?’ Nearly, all of us promise to make a fresh start;however, most of us lose motivation and return to old regimes. Keeping up with the resolutions is not everyone’s cup of tea.

“‘Getting into a habit of morning walk is what I look forward.’ says Luciani. Yes, I am well-aware of the key benefits of the process. Every year I make a resolution, continue the task for a week and at the end take a pause for the entire year. Accomplishing the goal seems to be challenging errand for me.” “Similarly, Jack planned to jumpstart 2016 by hitting the gym every morning. The 1st January morning was full of enthusiasm. So was the entire week, however, in the third week, Jack became a lazy-bone and broke his promise.” This is not only the story of Luciani or Jack; this is the fate of each one of us. Every year, we start fresh; however, fail to fulfill the resolution at the end.

Turning a new page in your life is beautiful; but why do we have a hard time keeping up with the promises. Researchers have calculated the success rates of people’s promises: the first two weeks seems to be like ‘cherry on the top’, but by the end of February, people get against the track.

Whether it’s lack of resources, lack of motivation or losing interest, people are doing it year after year. Moreover, if you are looking for reasons; here are the points illustrating why we fail to stay on track:

Going Alone: Whether you want to improve yourself in tennis, quit smoking or hit the gym, do not think of doing it all alone. Surround yourself with good folks who can inspire you to climb the ladder of success. Remember, your buddy should be a positive fellow and not a lazy-bone.

Give Up Too Easily: Giving up easily is the big breaker of your New Year resolution. We often start with a belief, but at the end we give up. Giving up too easily is the big barrier to keep the momentum going.

Fail To Manage Time: Sparing five minutes a day for your resolution is no less than a row to hoe. Your failure to manage time well is a hindrance to accomplish your promises.

Lack Of Honesty: Do you really want to lose weight? Are you really committed to improve tennis game? Of course, you need to be honest to yourself. Your lack of honesty is a great barrier to put your plan of action.

‘You can’t make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it, it’s no longer a mistake, it’s a choice.’ So, know your ambition and keep the aforesaid habits at bay and accomplish your New Year goals successfully.