Love is in the air!! To celebrate your love with joy in heart, you must have marked V-Day on the calendar. For girl’s, it’s a special day to make your man fall for you. Your grooming regime starts a week before to warm up your date with him. Whether you have plans for a spa day or a romantic meal, your heart is full of joys of the spring as the day offers best of both worlds to impress your beloved. Yes, V-Day really matters for couples as it enlivens your love life.

Besides the efforts to turn on your man, you also must be thinking what to gift your other half. Obviously, finding a gift for him sounds tricky, in case, he hasn’t dropped any hints. To snatch your attention, make your man smell great with cologne you are about to gift him. Yes, best smelling fragrances make a perfect gift!! So, bring a new addition to his collection and give him all the love he deserves:

Best Smelling Fragrance Gift For Your Better Half

The Warm Scent By Dolce & Gabbana: If you love your man the most, then the citrusy, warm smell of this fragrance will drive your man crazy. With notes of orange blossom and grapefruit blended with cedar, ginger, and a slight touch of musk will add to its sensual smell. This incredible perfume in his collection will make him stand out in the herd.

Light Smelling Spray By Demeter Laundromat: Does your guy hates wearing fragrance? Or maybe he simply cannot stand the musky or the intensely woody perfumes, then this is an obvious choice for him. This fragrance smells pleasant like a clean laundry and is not at all overwhelming. Itsnicely balanced touch is not at all overpowering.

Crisp And Fresh Smell By Ralph Lauren: If he is a beach lover, then the Polo Blue colognes by Ralph Lauren is second to none. Like two peas in a pod, it is both fresh and crisp. His love for beaches can simply be endorsed by this best smelling cologne.

The Ever-So-Romantic Smell By Elizabeth Taylor: It a trademark scent thatsets out his uniqueness. A bit of romantic touch to its flavor is truly ever-so-appealing. It smells like amber, lavender, and sandalwood. Undoubtedly, this fragrance is a must-have in your man’s collection.

Bring Eternity For Men By Calvin Klein: This is another best man’s colognes by the makes of the town. Calvin Klein is best-loved by all. It’s chilled cucumber fragrance and a bit of lavender adds to its sensuality. Let your man stand rooted to the spot with this exciting gift.

Let Him Cut A Dash With Armani Code: Discover signature fragrance with this classy collection by Armani. Irresistibly embraceable to women, the single spray adds edge to his personality. It has a citric note; however, as you dive deeper, you can discover a sweet tone of rosemary and jasmine.

So, girl’s!! Bring him the new additions of classic fragrances and let your man fall for you all over again.