You must be amazed to hear the term locavore, but once you know more about this term, you will be thankful to us. Locavore is the person who prefers locally grown or produced food. Locavore movement started in the USA for promoting local food to develop healthy eating habits and boosting the local economy. According to the definition, a locavore includes the food grown in 100 miles radius. Well, apart from developing a food network and improving the local economy, local food also improves health. The local food is grown organically using natural methods, thus causes no harm to our body. Further, we are listing some other benefits of using local food in your daily consumption.

It Doesn’t Contribute To Carbon Emission

When food is bought from a faraway market, then it adds to the carbon in the environment. The transport used in carrying the food items from one place to another emits carbon a lot. So being a locavore reduces the carbon emission in the environment.

The Food Has Higher Nutrient Value

A locally grown food has higher nutrient value as compared to the food transported from far away regions. Food items lose their nutrient value during the long journey from farms to plate. A locavore consumes a high nutritional diet than others.

It Benefits the Local Economy

Having local food also contributes towards the development of the local economy. The money used in buying the local food goes into the local pockets and hence boosts the local economy. On the contrary, the money used for buying transported food gets drained away.

 It Provides Nourishment to Brain

Being the most complex organ of the body our brain requires a lot of nutrients to perform its task correctly. These nutrients primarily include vitamin, minerals, and phytochemicals. The local food provides the entire nutrient to our brain and ensures its proper functioning.

It Gives You a Fresh and Tasty Cuisine

The locally grown foods have all its juices and nutrients intact, so when you use it for preparing any cuisine,it will be fresh and tasty. The fresh food enhances your digestion, which finally improves your health.

It Motivates Sustainable Farming

If food is grown and consumed locally, then there is no need to grow more than the local demand. There will be no requirement of creating more agricultural land to grow more food for export. Thus a locavore encourages sustainable farming.

So with a series of logic, we have analyzed the benefits of having local foods. From reducing carbon emission to improving the local economy, the habit of consuming locally produced food helps in my ways. In the age of transportation, we are consuming stale vegetable on one side and destroying our local economy on the other. The high fluctuation on food items also caused by the consumption of transported food whose price increased with the increment of fuel prices. So, if you are concernedaboutyour body nutrition, your local economy, and the environment then being a locavore serves all the purposes.