Though the glitz of Christmas is all over, the celebration will bounce back next year!! To make the event happening, most of us often cut to the cheese to celebrate the moment in full spring. Essentially, Christmas is holiday time!! A time for a get-together with friends, family as well as enjoy shopping and good food. With all the good things, Christmas decoration simply cannot be overlooked. In order to oomph the décor of your garden or home, you spend a fortune on crazy decorative pieces. But how about using the recycled paper!! Undoubtedly, it’s a good idea to make your home an apple of your eye.

Everyone loves recycling!! An impressive collection of Christmas ornaments made with recycled paper refills your heart with joy. By just cutting and gluing the pieces, you can make incredibly delicate and intricate ornaments with a simple sheet of paper. If you are hunting for some creative ideas, scroll down below to get started:

Pretty Christmas Garlands: It is simple DIY project for you kids to make. There’s no extra gluing and folding involved in the making of the decorative items. Simply cut triangular pieces of paper, tape them onto a spring and that’s it. You can use magazines or unused Christmas cards to accomplish the task.

Dazzling Christmas Trees: How about placing cute baby Christmas tree beside the big one? Well, these little darlings look incredibly endearing. These cute little replicas are a darling of your little ones at home.

Funky Spaceships For The Festive Eve: When you involve your kids in the spaceship making, they would feel enthusiastic in the involvement. As they resemble squashed little balls, they look super cute. Plus, they are incredibly easy to make. With just some colorful striped papers, you can recreate these crafty projects.

Delicate Paper Snowflakes: When hanged atop a tree, they look immensely stunning. When done, these delicate paper snowflakes appear adorable. You can make both massive and diamond shaped to beautify your evergreen garden.

Origami Flower Balls: Adorable flower balls are no less than icing on the cake when hanged on the Christmas tree. This is where a bit of origami comes into picture. Though it’s time-consuming and not a piece of cake for everyone, but the result is mind-blowing. Learn the making and craft this simple DIY project.

Modern Bulbs For The Festivity: The bulb shape looks like onion, but we truly promise that the method won’t make you cry. These minimalist beauties look modern and super easy to recreate. Illuminate them with a bulb and let them hang on the tree next year to brighten up the eve.

Adorable Dancing Ladies: Nine dancing ladies hanging on the tree appears picture-perfect. Make the whole collection of recycled paper ballerinas adorned with matching skirts to embrace your beautiful Christmas tree.

3D Stars To Bring That Wow Factor: This is a perfect origami project!! Isn’t it!! Stars are a true companion of Christmas trees since a long time. When given a 3D effect, they look elegant.

So, start pursuing inspirations for the next year and get started to customize your Christmas tree on your own.