When 3D meets the latest concept to design, it has the prospective to turn around the absolute industry. Meet 3D printed sneakers!! The 3D printing application in the footwear is a cutting-edge technology in engineering. Adidas, like every other major shoe brands, began toying the 3D-printer sneakers. This best thing since sliced breadis a victory for designers and Adidas has claimed to be the king of 3D printing. Definitely, you want to bring them home at the drop of a hot. However, this is certainly not easy as a pie as the sneakers are in limited edition form.

Adidas has named its innovation the 3D runner and is available with a price tag of $333. Available at the Adidas flagship store in New York from December 15, these revolutionary shoes would be in the mind of every athlete. As the footwear is named, this inventive piece features a 3D printed midsole and outsole of a different density. The well-engineered 3D web structure featuring dense zones in elevated force areas and less dense zones in the lower force areas ensures optimum performance. Furthermore, there’s a 3D printed heel counter that’s amalgamated into the midsole to keep away from stitching or gluing. On the other hand, a black Primeknit technology at the upperof the footwear ensures lighter weight and flexibility. The shoes offer a perfect fit and guaranteehigh-style and long-lasting performance to the athletes.

MikalPeveto, the senior director of Adidas said, ‘This is just the beginning. Developing customized footwear depending upon the footprint of an individual comprising their foot shape, running style, personal preferences, and performance needs.’ The 3D sneaker is a north star for the entire footwear industry and Adidas is way ahead in this top-notch innovation.

Adidas unveiled its first 3D runner in the month of August at the Rio Olympics when many of the revered athletes namely USA swimmer Allison Schmitt and Team GB heptathlete Jessica Ennis-Hill wore the cutting-edge technology during the medal ceremonies. By launching this timeless piece, Adidas has stood in the pole position of sneaker position. Fabricated with top-class materials, this craftsmanship of the designers has proved to be of competitive advantage to the athletes. Both comfortable and responsive, the shoe is relatively a blessing disguise in the athletic world.

3D technology is a future of the world. So, let’s join the revolution!! Reserve your pair of 3D runners on the Adidas Confirmed app for just $333. This is undoubtedly a small amount to pay for the amazing sneakers of the year. Pick your pair and get ahead in the competitive race.