Pasta, the very word makes one’s mouth water. We love our pastas and it is a big hit with both children and adults. Be it cheesy macaroni or Spaghetti, we love it all and relish them to our heart’s content. Yet, looking at the menu have you ever wondered about the correct pronunciation of the dish, so as not to look like a beginner. Many people either do not know the correct pronunciation or a bit confused about it. Well, whether you are on a date or on a family dinner, it would be embarrassing to mispronounce the name of your pasta dish.

Worry not; here is your guide to the correct pronunciation of different types of pasta. It will make you an expert when it comes to ordering a pasta dish. Now ordering cannelloni will no longer intimidate you!


If Mac and cheese tops your list of pastas, this pasta you must pronounce right. It has a tube-like shape and is a big hit with people of all age. It is easily available and goes best with saucy dishes. It can also be combined with some vegetables apart from cheese sauce. From cold pasta salads to baked pasta dish, it serves as a versatile base for amazing dishes.

Wrong pronunciation-mac-ro-nee

Right pronunciation- mac-uh-ROW-nee


These tube-shaped pasta looks similar to penne but are larger than it and have round edges. They taste awesome with tomato-based sauce.

Wrong pronunciation-ree-gah-ton-ee

Right pronunciation- rig-uh-TOE-nee


This spiral shaped pasta compliments greatly with thick sauces and vegetables. Be it with white sauce or red tomato-cream sauce, Fusilli tastes awesome. It is also used for cold salads and with seafood.

Wrong pronunciation-few-zee-lee

Right pronunciation- fooh-ZEEL-lee


Spaghetti is another popular pasta available in the form of Spaghetti Aglio Olio and Spaghetti Bolognaise. It is long, thin, cylindrical pasta which serves as a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine.

Wrong pronunciation-sp-aa-get-ee

Right pronunciation- spah-geh-tee


Candidly speaking, may be most of us tried this pillow shaped pasta after seeing it on MasterChef Australia. It is a type of dumpling consisting of a filling (meat or cheese) between two layers. It tastes best with a sauce or in broth.

Wrong pronunciation-rah-vee-oh-lai

Right pronunciation- rah-VEE-oh-lee


This lovely pasta is cylindrical in shape usually baked with a filling such as spinach and cheese and covered in a sauce. This vegetarian dish is really delicious. It is simple yet so yummy.

Wrong pronunciation-can-nel-ho-nee

Right pronunciation- kan-uh-LOW-nee