Does love happens at first sight?? Yes, definitely, it does!! Being in a relationship and loved by your partner enriches your life. Love has its own distinctive feel, and it makes your life full of joys of the spring. Apart from all the butterflies in your stomach, falling in love has lasting positive effects. You always seem to be in happier moods and are potent to accept difficulties positively. In a nutshell, we can call true love an outward expression that brings two souls together and forever.

Love is not all about being together and spending cherry moments with each other. There are partners who are miles away from one another. This ‘out of the sight’ relationship demands communication for longer hours. With communication, the most important aspect of a long distance relationship is to understand the needs and emotions of your partner as he/she is out of your sight. Sharing pictures of each other can enliven your long distance relationship. Make the most of what to learn, however, if you fail to fulfill the demands of the relationship, you have to pay off a big time in the long run.

Long distance relationship calls for serious commitments, however, there are couples deep in love who fail to comply with it move on too fast. Let’s cite a few personal stories of couples who faced it in their real life.

I was in long distance relation with my boyfriend for incessantly five years since I was 19. Things were going flawlessly. However, it ended after a drastic argument, which was very stupid. The pretty big argument only highlighted our lack of communication and incompatibility. The misunderstanding started as I grew jealous because he always used to pick gaming over me, though we are both mature gamers. I tried my level best to talk, However, he chose to discontinue. We also lacked communication, which is personally needed in a relationship. This way we both departed and I have no clue what he is up to at present.

My twenties was a time when I was attracted to a distance relationship. We were exclusively called ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’. I met the man in California when I went there for an excursion. After living there for a year, I returned to India with the feeling of love in the heart. We talked, shared pictures, and everything that’s required. However, it was an ‘out of sight’ relationship, which did not work well. After some couple of months, arguments started over. And finally, we broke up. I always thought if we were in a single country, our relationship could be a next big thing.

Like the aforesaid instances above, there are innumerable examples of couples who failed in long distance relationship. You must learn from mistakes, and this can help one to build their relationship. Couples have different boundaries, however, ultimately, you two are meant to live together, so share some interests and communicate even though you are miles apart.

Long distance relationship calls for serious commitments, however, there are couples deep in love who fail to comply with it move on too fast.