Even if you are not so passionate about make-up, you are likely to use at least a simple moisturizer or a lip gloss in your morning routine. Whether it’s an SPF or moisturizer application, what is important is that it is applied in the right order to get maximum benefits. New York-based Elizabeth Arden’s dermatologist Dendy Engelman, M.D says that if you do not apply products in the right order, you could be wasting your money, energy and time.

You might be using various products for the same reason or result like radiance, hydration, etc. but each product has its own method and means. It all boils down to penetration. For example, if you apply a thick cream on your face and then apply any other product which is water-based, it will hardly penetrate through your skin because a heavy cream contains wax in it.

The best thing to do is to apply products from lightest to heaviest. Although oils and sunscreen are exceptions. Sunscreen should be applied in the last and oil to be applied just before sunscreen.

Here is the step-by-step layering guide for you

Wash your face with a suitable face wash.

The first thing that you should apply on your face is the product with the same fluidity as water. It can be a toner. It penetrates deeply into your skin making your skin moist. And a moist skin is more open to receiving any cosmetic.

Now apply product booster ( a new skincare product in the market). It boosts the efficacy of skincare products. It brings back our skin to a normal pH level.

It’s the turn of serum now. Serum contains strong ingredients that can be very beneficial for the skin. So, it is better to apply serum immediately after booster (in case you use a booster) so that skin can directly absorb it.

The lotion is to be applied next. Lotions are usually thin in consistency. If you use lotion, then apply it before oil or cream.

Creams are basically thick and contain wax, which creates a barrier to retain moisture. Cream leaves your skin instantly soft as it contains glycerin or hyaluronic acid.

Oil plays a great role in keeping the moisture in, making your skin hydrated.

The last skincare product that you should be applying on your face should be an SPF. It shields the skin by forming a uniform layer on it. After SPF, you can apply your make-up. Do not apply anything else other than makeup after SPF.

Once you are done with all this, give few minutes to your skin to settle down and extra moisture to evaporate. Now you can start with your makeup beginning with foundation.

Make sure while applying makeup products, you let each layer settle down nicely before applying another layer of makeup product.

Make sure you never overload any product while applying it on your face. The reason is, it causes excess moisture which your skin doesn’t need and can not absorb hence resulting in pushing out ingredients in such a manner that it is clearly visible.

It is advisable to stick to one brand rather than changing brands now and then. Since you know a particular brand suits you well, it will stay harmoniously with your skin.

Avoid mixing skincare or makeup products as certain ingredients do not play well with others and can cause reaction or allergy on your skin. And if you still want to mix products, first do a patch test behind your ear to see if it suits your skin.

Follow these useful tips and enjoy radiant skin!