The frozen weather is truly a blessing in disguise!! The pleasant things like fresh snowy weather, hot cocoa, and sizzling fires let you experience immense coziness. A great winter style is what that lets you hit the streets. Though it’s wonderful zero degrees outside, dreaded and flaky skin becomes your enemy. During winters, you look for easy winter hacks to revitalize your skin. Proper skin care is not a rocket science. Skincare ingredients are such divas that they radiate an air of enticing allure.

Peanut butter and jelly, lemon and mint, cheese and macaroni- they are pairs that are undoubtedly made in heaven. Skincare rituals are reaping bountiful benefits. We often tend to slather on multiple layers. But are you sure you are mixing heavenly ingredients? Mixing ingredients is not bad, but not all pairs are meant to match. By keeping this do-not-mix memo handy, you can keep a dangerous skincare cocktail at arm’s length:

Retinol+ AHAS/BHA: Well, these ingredients can get you away from damaged, dull, and old skin’s cells and get it replaced with bright and healthy skin. When used separately, they can make you an apple of everyone’s eye, but when matched together, these ingredients can become your enemy. By causing irritation and redness, they can make your skin sensitive to sunlight. This combo is proof that too much of anything is bad.

RETINOL + VITAMIN C: These two ingredients are all-time favorite of all fashionistas. They have the muscle strength to brighten skin, increase the collagen production, and can fight free radicals. By keeping away wrinkles, it blesses you with healthy and glowy appearance. But retinol and Vitamin C don’t play well together. Vitamin C requires a Ph of 3.5 or lower whereas retinol does wonder at a ph of 5.5-6. Did you identify the difference?

RETINOL + BENZOYL PEROXIDE: Do you know that retinol has the power to treat acne? Yes, it does and so does its counterpart benzoyl peroxide. It’s peeling action kills bacteria and keeps the pores clean. But benzoyl peroxide is harsh on its own and using the two together can make it even harsher. Now, do you want to take the risk!!!

NIACINAMIDE + Vitamin C: Vitamin C shows up a fussy character when blended with Niacinamide. Niacinamide is a darling of everyone, and it turns up to be a remedy to reduce dark spots, treat acne, and fight wrinkles. But when matched with Vitamin C, it turns its counterpart yellow in color. Essentially, it’s a color of death and a major problem for your skin.

Retin-A+ Gritty Exfoliants: It’s a lovable item by all dermatologists as it helps renew your skin itself. It treats discoloration, wrinkles, and roughness. But when used with gritty exfoliants, it can make the situation worse.

Salicylic Acid+ Glycolic Acid: Not all acids are created equal!! Glycolic acid is an exfoliator that lets you scrub away the dead skin whereas salicylic acid is an acne treatment. Both are wonderful ingredients, but when used together, the mixture can turn to be a blunder. Use only one at a time.

Henceforth, become a wise lady and do not turn the ingredients to be a blunder. Use them one at a time and enjoy the heavenly results.