Are your running shoes biting the dust in your shoe rack? Or maybe your fitness watch is lying in the drawer. We prepare ourselves for a healthy regime; buy all the necessary stuff, pay the gym fee, but after some days we get back to our previous routine. Perhaps the fitness goals are the most difficult one to achieve and every time we fall our willpower decreases. Eventually, we accept our physique and forget about the idea of a toned body. Well, the reason of your failure doesn’t lie in the willpower but in the environment you have made at your home. So, if you think that running and exercising more with less fatty food will lead you to a healthy body, then you are missing some important aspects that help in keeping up the fitness regime. Four areas of your routine affect your fitness regime, i.e. Physical Activity, Nutrition, Relaxation, and Self-belief. In this article, we will discuss the role of these four in achieving your fitness goals.

Physical Activity

Have you ever watched yourself when you have to choose between an elevator and stairs? We often choose a comfortable option rather than the one that involves physical activity. Yeah! You got the idea. Fitness can’t be achieved just by hitting the gym, but you have to choose an active life. Whether in the office or home, always opt for the option that involves a little bit of physical exercise, for example, buy a cycle and take it for grocery shopping, choose the stairs over elevators, etc.


This aspect is most important in the journey of achieving the fitness goal. No gym can save you from putting on extra kilos if you have no control over your taste buds. Observe your eating patterns, and you will find out the extra fatty foods and uneven consumption patterns are the part of your eating routine. So, pledge to consume the food that has more nutritional value than taste. Eat the food that has more protein and carbs rather than fats. Involve green vegetables and salad in your food along with the seasonal fruits.


You might have worked overtime in your office late night than hitting the gym in the early morning and presuming to have a healthier body. If this is the case, then you are exhausting your body beyond limits without any proper relaxation. Guys!! Relaxation is an important aspect of any fitness regime. As per the experts, a seven-hour sleep is mandatory for a healthy body. So, involving yourself in physical activity and giving relaxation to your body are equally important. We will advise you to cut down any unnecessary activity at night and fall on your bed as early as possible.


We tend to escape from our journey when experience failure in the initial phase and blames it on our inefficiency and lack of perseverance. Such mindset gives you an excuse but keeps you away from the transformation. Always believe in your inner potential and keep your hopes high. The self-limitation is like strangling your dream. So, guys don’t fix yourself in particular mindset, exercise your willpower, and you can do wonders.

You must have read a lot of motivational quotes, articles, and songs but still you are the same. So who is keeping you away from you dream physique? We know that person, it’s YOU!! If you want to see a visible change in your physique, just surrender yourself to the pieces of advice mentioned above for a month.

fitness goals are the most difficult one to achieve and every time we fall our willpower decreases.