Iwish I could go back to the days when I was single.” Abhimanyu whispered to Raj, his childhood and best buddy, in a club as he stares at a pretty lady with a drink. No doubt, he has an amazing looking girlfriend who he loves to the moon and back. The question arises whether he was happier when he was single or after getting hooked up. If he was happy being single, then why is he in a relationship and if being in a relationship makes him wish to be single, then he better break up with his partner.

We often hear people complain about being in a relationship and cherish their friends who are single. They think they are lucky to be single and revere them and in some cases, they even feel jealous They sometimes behave as if being in a committed relationship is a hell.

Well, whether single or in a committed relationship, one must not compare the two situations. Wherever you are, try to be happy in that situation. It does not matter what your relationship status is. If a single person wishes to be in a relationship, it makes sense but a person in a relationship wishing to be single and still continuing with the relationship sounds weird.

If you are in a relationship and you often catch yourself uttering the wish to be single, then it’s time for you to seriously think about it. Do not forget that a relationship is a beautiful bond which needs to be nurtured constantly. It’s natural to have differences and arguments or sometimes boring days in a relationship, but that does not mean you do not love your partner. All you need is to add some spice or life to your relationship. You need to revive it.

Be grateful that you are not lonely and have someone to talk to, to share good and bad times, to have fun with. Go back and think about those days when you were single and longing to be with someone special in a relationship. That feeling of loneliness was killing, isn’t it? Do not overlook the love, care and support you get in your relationship. It is selfish.

Just because you have been in a relationship for years and you are feeling bored now is no reason to crib about being committed. Consider yourself fortunate that you are not single. Go have a heart-to-heart dialogue with those friends who are still single to know how painful it is.

Appreciate your relationship, build it stronger, make it interesting if it has lost that charm but don’t crib about it. Leave it or love it, there is no middle way. So, stop complaining about your relationship status and stop saying that you miss being single.