Go to the office, come back home; go to the office, come back home. Most people are caught up in this vicious circle of 9 to 5 Job and feel they have still not reached anywhere in their professional life. Well, it is ok, there is nothing wrong in doing a job but what matters is how we do it.

You must have often heard about those successful people who land up with senior level white-collar jobs at a very young age while everyone else is still trying to figure out a way to achieve something significant in their professional lives.

They are the people who start their day with excitement looking forward to doing something significant while everyone else pushes themselves out of the bed thinking “Oh God, why do I have to go to the office every day”.
They are the people who inspire and impact many other people with their work, while everyone else remains engrossed with worthless tasks at work.

Here is what they know and apply, what others don’t

  • You can negotiate job requirements- All you need to do is prove that you can create value in that particular job profile.
  • A mix of superiority complex, a little bit of insecurity and a belief that you can achieve whatever you want to can be of great help in achieving success.
  • Realistic is not always true- Never base your dreams or ambitions on the thought that this is realistic and that is not. Today, to become a CEO might sound unrealistic to you and a middle-level job with a decent salary might seem to be an only realistic thing, but that’s not true. The thing is you need to know how it can become a reality. Work on that , it is an achievable goal. It’s all in mind.
  • Do not choose a career based on employment opportunities or average salaries- You must have often heard people say writers or reporters don’t make good money. This profession fetches more money than the other. This is all bullshit. What is important is you must strive to be best at whatever you do.
  • Don’t choose a company, choose a boss- In order to be successful in life having the right mentor or guide is more important than having a job in a big company. By being around the successful people in your field, you will learn and grow much faster and will finally have many opportunities to be successful.
  • If you are a fresher or have just a few years of experience in your career and you get a choice between an amazing and successful mentor or higher salary, go for the mentor always.
  • What made you successful in initial phase won’t get you to final success- In the beginning of your career what is most important is how technically skilled you are but as you grow and move to the next phase what become more important is how you deal with people, how you talk to them.
  • The real learning starts after college- Most of the people think that they are ready to conquer the world after completing their college degree. But the real knowledge and learning start when you step into the real world of your career. Read as many good books as you can, talk to those people who are doing big things, go for conferences, etc.

Start seeing the world through a different lens than what everyone else sees it with. Give a thought to these tips and as per your feasibility apply them for desirable change in your career!