Your makeup has the ability to attract dirt and pollution and these get stuck to your skin while you sleep.

Partying late in to the night often leaves you sloshed and you’re hardly in your senses to remove your makeup before hitting the bed. Well, some shocking consequences of sleeping with makeup on might make your hangover vanish! Trust me; you won’t go to bed with makeup again after reading this. This is what cosmetics do to your skin while you’re asleep:

Your pores get clogged

Sleeping with makeup is an open invitation to acne and pimples. Your makeup, especially the foundation has the ability to attract dirt and pollution and these get stuck to your skin while you sleep. The result is clogging of pores and breakouts. If you don’t wish to wake up with an ugly spot in the morning, just clean all that makeup before you doze off! Of course, you don’t want to wake up with oversized pores, do you?

Skin becomes dry and itchy

The flawless matt finish that you adored in the evening can take away all the moisture and essential oils from your skin at night. Sleeping with makeup can make your skin extremely dry and itchy. The skin doesn’t get any air and so it becomes dry. The uppermost layer of the skin is responsible for maintaining the oil balance of the skin but it can do so only after the makeup is cleansed.

Irritation in and around the eyes

Eyes are the most sensitive and delicate part of your face and they must be cleaned before sleeping. The gorgeous smoky eye shadow that made you the center of attraction can make your eyes dry, itchy and even cause infection in your eyes during the night. Your eye liner and mascara can clog the eyelash follicles and cause small bumps around the eyes. Ironically, the mascara that makes the lashes look long and thick can cause them to break and shed easily if left unclean at night.

Lips become dry and chapped

Your glossy lipstick might have looked fabulous during the evening but if you leave it on at night; it will take away all the moisture from your lips, leaving them dry and chapped as ever. Use a gentle makeup remover to remove all the color from your lips, especially the creases, where it tends to get accumulated. You can apply a soothing lip balm on your lips to keep them moist and soft.

Aging of the skin

Makeup increases the skin’s exposure to free radicals and this makes the natural collagen of the skin break down. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin and once it is gone, the skin starts aging faster. Do not ever get in to the habit of sleeping with makeup as it can give you wrinkles sooner than their scheduled time. Let’s face it – No woman wants to look old, so make it a point to get rid of the makeup


So, the next time you’re out till late, just stretch yourself for that extra five minutes to remove all the makeup and dirt from your skin so that your skin wakes up happy! This small routine will not only save you a lot of money but also avoid any embarrassment the next morning.