“You’ll never learn anything.” “You’re good for nothing.” “You’re a loser.”

It is very common for parents to make such statements to their children nowadays but does it ever occur to them that children might feel bad! Parents don’t realize what they’re saying and the consequences it can have on their children. Although not all children are so sensitive but many are immensely hurt and they never forget the ill words of their parents. Some things actually get etched in the hearts of children and they carry this burden with them throughout their life.

Not only do they remember the words but the tone and the date on which they received the critical comments! You definitely don’t want to hamper your relationship with your child due to something you said when you were angry. Always speak to your child politely and make him/her understand anything gently. After all, children learn everything from parents! If you speak to them harshly, you’re invariably nurturing an aggressive personality.

“You’re growing in to a pumpkin!”

“Just watch your weight.” “You’ve become so fat!”

Parents, please stop pestering your child on his/her weight. Let’s face it! Their childhood is very different from yours. You just can’t compare your statistics in childhood to your child’s. And by the way, you can’t blame the child for being overweight. You know this in hearts of hearts that somewhere or the other; you have contributed to this weight. Knowingly or unknowingly you did give your child junk food, fried foods and other such things that have made him/her fat. So, how can you scold your child for being overweight now?

Lecturing is a strict NO NO!

It’s alright to be concerned about your child’s weight but don’t overdo it. Instead of lecturing the child constantly, it is simply better to do something about it.

Remember meal timings

If you’re obese and you think that your child might have inherited this trait from you; there are various other ways to ensure that your child doesn’t grow fat. As a parent, you’d definitely know the specific times when your child feels hungry. Prepare something healthy and always give nutritious food to your child.

Taste bhi, Health bhi

For children, taste matters a lot. Look for healthier recipes that will entice the child and prepare these at home. Delicious meals that look attractive will definitely get the attention of your children.

Eat right yourself

Parents spend the maximum amount of time with their kids. Children imitate the actions of their parents. So make sure that you set good examples before your child. If you eat right, your child will also do the same.

Junk food was never healthy

Avoid processed and junk foods. You can educate your child about the dangers of eating processed foods in a gentle way or in the form of a story. Aerated drinks are only sugary liquids and there is a lot of information on the internet regarding the same.

Nothing like home-cooked food

Try not to eat outside the house on more than one day per week. Eat more home-cooked meals with the family.

Create a new fan club

Call his/her friends over and cook sumptuous food for them.

Exercise is the best medicine

Allocate some time for exercise in your daily routine and exercise with your child. You can play music or dance as well.

These simple measures will help to prevent your child from gaining those extra kilos and shed some too!