Life is unpredictable. The very moment, it gives you a lift and the other moment, it can hit you hard. The relationship and work blunders can be humiliating and believe me, it’s the time when your own body and psyche begins to revolt. The self-destructive emotions are accompanied by unexplainable physical pains. The accidental situation can give a blow to your confidence.
Hanging on the wrong feelings can limit all the chances of your bouncing back. Think twice, ‘Do you deserve this?’ Don’t you want to take a step ahead and achieve your goals? Yes, you do and for this, it’s important to think rationally. Situations can break you only if you let it do so. Bold your instinct. This way you can wipe out the sting. Let’s follow the confidence-building routine that’s going to rock your world

Remind Yourself ‘I Deserve More

Remind yourself over and over again, ‘I deserve the best’. The negativity you have within you has nothing to do with your success. This is what Steve Jobs did. Steve Job’s life has seen several winding paths, but he conquered all of them and today he’s our hero, though he is no more with us.

Failures Build You

Your thought, ‘I am worthless’ is only because you are not perfect. Acknowledge your mistakes and believe me, it’s a stepping stone to success. Remember ‘Rome was not built in a day.’ Similarly, success cannot be achieved overnight. Things would not have worked out for Walt Disney if he would have broken down in the first instance. After incessant failures, he proceeded laboriously and found the recipe of success at the end.

Stop Comparing

How many times you sit back and think ‘he is doing better than me’, ‘she has achieved so much.’ Comparison is toxic. Comparing your capabilities with others can bring down your confidence. Stay focused on your prize.

Meet The People Who Think You Are Awesome

For a broken heart and mind, nothing could be as great as the unconditional love. Failures are a part of life. During such phases, meeting people who love and value you is a clear sign that you are you a good person and were pretty good at your work. This is significantly a crucial step to be taken to rebuild your self-esteem.

Speak Good About Yourself

This is a key to look confident. The words once spoken are powerful and cement your belief firmly. Remember your mom saying, ‘When you have nothing good to say, keep mum.’ Yes, she said it right and this is the best way to upgrade your confidence when it’s crushed.

Let People Share In Writing What They Love About You

Turn back to people who admire you in their life. When you are down, play a game!! Reach out to your friends and Let them give you in writing why they adore you. The amazing messages can do a lot to boost up your lost confidence.

Practice the aforesaid tips and after a prolonged practice, you can restore that lost faith. Print the list and paste them on the wall or carry them in your wallet. This will always remind you of the fact, ‘I am the best and deserve great.