Recently, the organizers of the Australia’s most prestigious Optus My Business Awards declared the finalists for the year 2016 for the award of the Young Business Leader of the Year. The organizers choose a young restaurant owner, refrigeration specialist, sports gear designers, the innovative barbers, software recruiters and software innovators of Australia as the finalist for the awards. These young business leaders are not just the business owners, but the visionary of future enterprises. One of these finalists, Aamir Qutub, is a way to more than a start-up CEO. This man helps small business to grow by designing innovating software tools and mobile applications. In short, we can say he has a business of helping small business to grow and become more efficient by adopting innovative web/mobile application and sales automation.

With his Start-up Company Enterprise Monkey( ) , Aamir Qutub is aiming to help the small and medium business enterprises to grow exponentially by saving their time, cost and increasing the revenue. His company introduces automation by the innovative software technologies; hence optimize the output regarding increased revenue. Aamir is General Manager of ICT Geelong and co-founder of three other emerging start-ups. With his sheer passion and enthusiasm, Aamir Qutub has strongly registered the presence of enterprise monkey in three countries.

They say leaders are born and one should start sharpening their intelligence with the early signs of brilliance. Aamir’s leadership skills got recognized when he was elected the general secretary of the student union in Aligarh Muslim University, a place that knowledge seekers consider as the Mecca of higher education in India. His leadership skills were well appreciated by the students, faculty members and brought several reforms in the university. Aamir started his company in the year 2010, which later rebranded as Enterprise Monkey.

The Entrepreneurship requires courage more than the resources. Aamir understood this idea when he went through the gestation phase of his company. To help others with his experience and to encourage the youth to become the entrepreneur, Aamir Qutub has set the foundation titled ‘Geelong Entrepreneurs Networks’ where he organizes regular meet to promote and inspire the young start-up owners. Aamir believes in giving back to the community and for that he organizes ‘Sadqah’ a three-day volunteer service that includes teaching in schools, cleaning roads and helping homeless people. Apart from the volunteer services; his company also provides non-profit solutions for charities, sports clubs, educational institutes, health and disability institutes, etc.

Aamir Qutub is bringing change in many lives by his innovative efforts in the field of technological sophistication. His passion and enthusiasm have become the inspiration for the young entrepreneurs. Being a finalist for such prestigious award is a matter of great pride in itself, but winning the award will justify his efforts. His pieces of advice, consultations and motivations are bringing a positive change in the small and medium business scenario of Geelong. Driving with the sheer power of enthusiasm this man is growing to help and helping to grow.