Kasya Doshah Kule Naasti, Vyaadhinaam ko na piditah,
Vaasnaam Kem na praaptam, Kim saukhyam nirantaram”

Well said by Chanakya Neeti,this means that everyone in this world has cursed in his/her dynasty, everyone on this planet is suffering from one or the other thing, everyone has some kind of addiction and no one stays forever happy.

The only reason behind using this phrase is to say that difficult life situations are part of life, they’ll come and go. But the main thing is, one should know how to deal with them. Here in this article, I have shared some common forms of difficulties that come as a mishap and ways to deal with them. Let us have a look at the list:

Losing loved ones

You cannot find even a single home who haven’t lost a single person in the family. Everything has a start and an end and so does life. Instead of crying over the fact that you have lost a loved one and grieving about the moments you lost with them, why not think of it this way, the precious moments with them were priceless and they will be with you forever. “When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable, to grieve when it comes to an end “

Seeing a loved one suffer from a deadly disease

Seeing a loved one go through the worst pain is unimaginable. It’s worse than death. But then again it does give you time to prepare yourself. Slowly and gradually you cope and accept the fact that they are not going to be a part of your life anymore. Denial won’t help you but acceptance will. The person who is suffering is already in the pits, and seeing someone suffer with them is the last they need. So, try to be happy around them.

Suffering from a serious disease

When you suffer from a serious disease like cancer, initially, of course, you panic but after a while when you accept that it’s going to happen you try to be happy in the last of your days but still you cannot because you are going to leave your family and the people you love grieving. Who wants to make their loved ones cry for any reason and worst of all because of them? It’s better if you be happy and be positive that will definitely make them happy. Having faith will help you recover. Lamenting will only make it worse not only for your recovery but also for your family.

Making a mistake

Most of the people don’t even realize they have committed a mistake but those who do realize it usually gives them themselves a hard time. Just relax you are only human, Humans make mistakes. There is no need to have a guilty conscience. Regretting it and wishing that you had a time machine so that you could change the past is nothing but a waste of time. I’ll tell you what you can do instead, try to make it up for it, I know it can be hard but if you are really sorry and you repent it, I think you can.


Breakups are very difficult because you not only lose your true love but also a whole future, the whole life you’d chosen. For some people, it may feel like death, the end of the world, etc. The thing is you cannot let it ruin your whole life. It is definitely painful and I know it hurts, it hurts badly but you can survive it if you believe it. Focus on the good things you have, improve your skills, do something you are passionate about, hang out with people you like and who like you, who support you and make you happy. And always remember “Being single is a celebration”.

The problem isn’t that you have the problem; problem is that you are making it big. Good times come and so do bad. All we need to do is keep patience, as to change things take time. Hoping that the above-mentioned way will help you, I would sign off, praying for a happy and glorious life ahead for you and your loved ones.