Never waste a GOOD opportunity you get to learn from a BAD boss. A boss is the one who teaches you many things sometimes formally or informally, sometimes by showing you your mistakes and sometimes by covering up for you (if he is too generous!!). But keep in mind, a boss will make you learn tactics to tackle many situations in life.

Traits usually a Boss comes with:

Demanding the best

‘Boss’ is defined as a person demanding perfection, and believe me you might feel that anyone can do mistakes and I also accept that mistakes can be corrected: but a boss doesn’t. He is someone who runs after your life in an attempt to find out your mistakes, correct them and move ahead. Always remember the famous saying ‘The boss who demands the best try to make you best’.

Strict schedule

Sometimes boss follows strict schedules, that might make you annoying or unhappy but actually, he is trying to make you punctual to your work and make you realize that hard work pays.

No leaves

Yes, I know that he doesn’t give you leave. It is just because he knows busy life and thus tries to keep you away from negative matters, whether society or any personal issues. Busy life lets you forget every pain and therein also makes you realize the importance of your family, children and different phases of life.

The quality of life

Boss makes you attend meetings which are difficult for you to understand, but he knows what are your strengths and what all you can achieve in your life coming ahead. After attaining which you get to know where you stand and where you can reach. He makes you realize what quality of life you deserve.

Good listener

Boss makes you listen to all good and bad things about you, and with this he wants you to observe and learn them. Because everything has two sides, both positive and negative and your boss wants you to concentrate on positive sides but also doesn’t wants you to forget about the negative ones.

Politics tricks

While working with the bad boss, you get to know where to play fair and where not. In fact, you will also realize sometimes “keep your friends close and enemies closer”. And have to make yourself so perfect that you can easily manipulate.

Change yourself as per the mood

Sometimes your boss behaves in a good manner or at times bad, in fact, ugly too and that too after spending so much time under guidance. After observing your boss, you can easily develop skills to read people. These skills won’t just help you in your working environment but will also guide you for numerous things while you are in front of society.

Creative mind

If you have a bad boss you fear to ask him for help and if work given by your boss is urgent, something that is to be done in given period of time. Remember that self-reliability makes your thinking skills develop, sharpen your mind and improve your work. It makes your work fun and not burden.

In office, there is nothing personal

Yes!! This happens when one starts working. He/she tries to impress boss by doing better and better, but your boss will realize you that in office nothing is yours or mine, everything is ours. Keep in mind criticism should not be taken personally. Rather you have to take it as a chance to improve your work. You don’t have to change yourself as whole but just “keep your office apart of your life and not as part of your life”.

You learn to question

This sounds little rude but questioning your boss is yet better than doing any mistake. One of my friends always had this fear to question about things. She always had a number of questions but she kept them unclearly and at the same time she stayed all messed up. Then our boss realized he must talk to that girl but she was again frightened, but she finally realized questioning authority actually works. Sometimes people with less authority have fabulous ideas, which can actually help boss and the company to work better.

We hope that after reading this you might have a different perspective for your boss!