The relationship is a combined package of bonding, understanding, love, affection, and care. The relationship is between two lovers. While saying lovers here, I don’t mean a boy and a girl, but it can be a relationship between a mother, brother, friends or even with a pet.

For having a happy relationship, one needs to pay some attention towards the person he/she is with. One has to make him/her a priority in life.

Keep in mind that in a relationship one has to bow down, that will not be for making one superior but to save the relationship. Many times ‘who is wrong?’ doesn’t matters, all that matters is do you want that person in your life or not. Sometimes proving another person wrong shouldn’t be the concern, what all should matter is that person.

Concentrate on bondingnot on romance:

Sometimes bonding is important. When a couple doesn’t have compatibility, then showing the fake existence of love is of no sense. Staying together for years doesn’t prove that you love each other. The years of togetherness should be accompanied by mutual understanding.

Trust yourself:

Trust always doesn’t mean trusting your partner for not cheating you or thinking that he /she might be having someone else than you. You must trust yourself before questioning your partner: Do you trust me? If you have to trust in yourself, and in your love then there is no need to ask this question.

Give your 100 %:

All I mean here is paying your bit. Do not think that is he/she loving me as much I am doing? Is he/she as much loyal as I am? Don’t think about what he/she is giving instead pay attention to what you are giving. Love means to give and to give. So just give and don t wait for the return.

Communication gaps are big NO:

Don’t build these gaps, and if they started by their own try to bridge them as soon as possible. Speak it out; don’t wait for him/her to understand by himself/herself. Keep in mind no one is a mind reader. You have to express yourself and your feelings in front of the person you are with. At the same time make him/her so comfortable that in front of you that he/she can speak what comes to the mind.

Don’t try to win, sometimes losing is beneficial:

Never try to prove yourself correct In front of your partner. Lose silently, don’t let her/him know that just for your partner‘s happiness you are ready to lose. If it makes him/her happy and makes your relationship working, lose at times. What are you thinking? Be a happy loser.

Behave in the way you behaved for the very first day:

Don’t change your attitude or way of talking just because you have passed months or years together. Don’t make him/her feel that he/she have lost the importance or priority. Let your partner feel same as he/she felt on the very first day he/she met you. Keep that same smile on your face, keep the same spark in your eyes like the way you smiled and looked at your partner for the very first moment. I am damn sure you will then see the much brighter smile on your partners face.

Friends these are just a few points to be taken care of. A relation is the most prestigious ornament a human can have. Don’t compare your relationship with others as it can create differences between you and your partner as it leads to issues like trust issues or satisfaction issues.

No relationship is all the sunshine but once you learned how to play in the rain, you have discovered the secret of passing the storm together.