Electronic mail is an integral part of our lives . We prefer to communicate digitally in the social and business spheres.
And email is one of the earliest forms of not so long digital communication history.

With Social communications are now out of the folds of emails and are mostly into social media , the business communications’ inseparable part are the emails.
While we send numerous emails on a day ,over months and in years’ time ,we forget to adhere to the basic etiquette of email conversation making it convenient for ourselves but difficult for the receiver to comprehend.

We have netiquettes for the social platforms and we should equally be conscious while sending a business mail . This is a much talked about and cliched topic to discuss but there had been researches and new ideas keep floating.
Here are few basic points for us to keep in mind-

Subject Line

Whether the recipient will open your mail will depend on the subject line of the mail . It is imperative to make an impact on the receiver with the subject line . Guidelines tell us to make the subject short , simple with a clear indication of the topic of the mail . It would be a cardinal sin to have typos. Using all small cases can trigger spam .


The tone of the address should be at the highest level of formality . Starting with a ‘Dear’ or Hello followed by the surname would be good . As a professional, I always write the emails as if am writing on my Company’s Letterhead . It is always good to use the fonts which are in practice .

We should give a breathing space to the receiver . The potential customer should never be bombarded with emails ! He would never be a customer in that case!

Previous email Reference

Referring to a previous mail can be considered a very lazy attitude !
It is always easy to look up an old email and give a reply to that instead of starting a fresh conversation . Better to Stay away from such practices as it is better to stay away from vices !

Signature Files

Every day I receive emails with never ending signature details . Sometimes I get a feeling the sender is really bragging about himself . Standard practices tell us just restrict the information to name , Phone number, Company details, and the Company website .And always put https:// to the website , making it a clickable link . In my email signature, I do use a clickable Facebook link as well .

  • While sending the emails to prospect new client or for prospecting , in most of the cases spam filters are active and they mark the emails as spams. I receive a mail or two in a week ,which must be sent by very efficient email marketers , which actually break the barrier of spam filters and reach me.
  • If we adhere to few basics when it comes to email marketing , our business goals can be easily reached –
    Most of the cases we should allow the receiver to respond back to ensure a two-way communication.
    Advisable to send the emails from an account that is personal instead of ‘Sales@….com’ or marketing@…com’ .
  • Mails should be always sent from corporate email account make the body of the emails balanced with images and text
  • More the attachments , higher are the chances of the mail being marked a spam.

Well, that sums up everything, at least for the email marketers who are planning for their first email campaign .There could be more intricate rules and regulations , but these are basics which we should follow in our day to day activities to achieve our business goals.