In the present digitized World , the online marketing gives myriad options for the marketers to break the communication barrier and reach out to the potential customers.

People have a long time been discarding the use of the print media , as print apparently is a static medium to them.
The same static print medium could be made more dynamic and interactive by means of little innovations. Why not just add QR codes to the artworks and add an extra dimension to the print campaign? This exercise would not only be apt for your needs but also would the brand image of your organization would be enhanced.

Try to integrate the social media in your print campaign by using Social Media signs, asking people to like or follow you on the twitter or Facebook. For someone who likes your Facebook page or follows you on twitter , post engaging articles ,updates, and useful information.
Have seen few companies who use they’re linked in pages in the print advertising communication.
The print experience can not replicate online for sure. The print credibility , tangibility and emotions around print would not die so easily . Let’s look at few reasons why print would be alive for days to come.

Print Engagement

When a consumer reads a magazine , he reads it with a less cluttered mind, unlike someone who watches Television for relaxation . Proliferated options in the online and TV media would divert the consumer and propel him to go to the other links or channels. Travel magazines publish travelogues and road journey experiences and the car brands take the opportunity to connect with their potential buyers through those articles. The adventure story would be engaging and if we can integrate into the story , some attributes of the car , it becomes a subtle advertisement as well.
Well, this exercise has already been tried out with a lot of travel magazines.

Print Innovation

Some innovations are only possible in print . You open a newspaper and get a fragrance of may be baby powder. Flipping through the pages you get to see a Johnson and Johnson advertisement and you quickly connect with the ad. I remember this innovation pretty much. Time of India had done it in 2014. Godrej Consumer(India) had done a similar campaign for their car fragrance brands in Newspapers.

Print is Tangible

When we carry home a magazine , it stays on our drawing room tables for days , if not months. If it is your favorite issue or may an issue carrying for useful information , you would keep it for days yourself and refer to it when needed.

Print is Credible

Yes, It is. When you see the headline from a newspaper of repute like The Australian , you just-just can’t overlook it. So does the advertising in print would have for you. When you get to see the advertisements of the expensive watches in the best of the magazines , you would never question the quality of the watch, would you?

Print Establishes Your Brand

Magazine advertising does help to promote your brand value. While the whole online marketing is aimed at increasing at achieving your business goals – like sales , conversions or maybe a newsletter signing , the print can enhance your brand value as it delineates a story about the brand and thus creating positive vibes about that brand.

Print Helps You Reach Your Target Market

Just like online, you can also have demographic data on print and accordingly reach out to the target market .If you want to promote the travel Business you have the Travel magazines , for an expensive car, a posh lifestyle magazine is the best option.