If there is something, we wouldn’t mind our powerful leaders to carry a difference of views on, it is their individual taste for things. And I think a better way to define such tastes, are observing the kind of wrist watches they all wear.

Some of the top greatest leaders have watches that are campaign statements in themselves.

Timepieces and watches have traditionally been the defining male accessory. In the book “About Time: Celebrating Men’s Watches,” Ivar Hauge Line gives a nuanced look at the status symbols and family valuables that enhance the wrists of men from all walks of life.

Here present the elegant watches worn by some of the world’s most remarkable men.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, the man whose findings and theories brought about a revolutionary breakthrough to our perception of time and science, was a humble sort with a sober yet classy taste. When it came to watches, and history can guarantee for that, he favoured Longines. The renowned physicist wore a gold Longines wristwatch of 1929, which was given to him in Los Angeles circa 1931.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

The honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Damodardas Modi, is a very much disciplinarian and fully set in his ways. Recently famed with the style tag of being India’s best-dressed Prime Minister by far, Modi’s choice of watches and clothes set him apart from the crowd. His lifecycle from rags to riches is an inspiration to many, and he trusts on American Watchmaker Movado for time keeping.

Barack Obama, President of United State of America

Known to be one of the most influential people in the world, Obama has a knack for doing things differently. While his counterparts rely on the well-established brands, Obama selects to sport a smart watch that is Fitbit. True to his status of being one of the most liberal and people-friendly statesmen in today’s world, Obama can be spotted with the smart wearable on multiple occasions.

Vladamir Putin, President of Russia

To put things in viewpoint, the exclusive collection of Vladmir Putin’s watches is around six times the total of his official annual salary. The world’s most influential man is sure a specialist of timepieces. The high range watch in the huge collection is a $500,000 A.Lang & Sohne Tourbograph; while his other choices include Blancpain and Patek Philippe.

Mr Putin, if nothing else, we agree with you on your wise selection of the wristwatch.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Prime Minister of Canada, the rock star faiths IWC Regulator for his wrist when being observed and loved by the world. His goodwill signs remain the talk of the town. In short, he has everything that world want to see in a leader today, including empathy for a good timepiece.

Dalai Lama, Divine Leader of Tibet

The world-known spiritual leader of Tibet who is famous for his austerity wears a Rolex. However as a measure to concealment the brand he “apparently” rotates his watch 180 degrees around his wrist, making it hard for anyone to take notice. But as they say, ‘Peace is when time does not matter as it passes by’.

Warren Buffett

The second richest man in the United States,Warren Buffett has one small weakness i.e. his love for Rolex. He is a huge fan of the brand and firmly sports his symbol yellow gold Rolex Day-Date. He has really gone on record and announced that if Rolex ever on sale, he would be the first person to buy it.

Taking examples from the past we can say this piece of personal accessory never goes unnoticed, from Mahatma Gandhi’s humble pocket watch to Nelson Mandela’s Tissot. For the adoration of watches, we tried to dig into timepieces our powerful leaders wear while they are busy in changing the world for our betterment.

Image credits:http://grindcenter.com