Women are natural entrepreneurs. The management, saving, and disciplinary tactics they follow to run a house like experts are the perfect ingredients for becoming an entrepreneur. Most of them like to keep those skills till personal level, but others choose to polish them and take them to the other level. The world is full of examples of such women entrepreneurs who initiated their venture with possible limited resources and went on becoming the inspiring Limited Edition for everyone.

Meet Her: Kalpana Saroj (A Slumdog Millionaire)

There is a difference between change and transformation; when you change, you become better, but when you transform, you become an entirely new person. When she was young, it was impossible to think that she will achieve such heights, but life nurtures the talent through the hardships.

Kalpana Saroj, CEO of Kamani Tubes Ltd. was the prestigious civilian award, the Padma Shri recipient for her outstanding achievement in the field of trade and commerce.


Her story: From a Slum Dweller to Multimillionaire

Kalpana Saroj hails from a rural family of Vidarbha, Maharashtra. She got married at the age of 12. At such tender age, her in-laws abused her. When her father brought her back home, the villagers ostracized her, and she finally went to Mumbai and started working in a garment factory. Later, she began her tailoring business and then owned a furniture shop.

She took over Kamani Industry in the year 2001 and now runs more than half-dozen organizations. 

The Limitations

Becoming the CEO of a company was not even in her wildest dreams. She belonged to a lower middle-class family, an Orthodox one, where she got married at just the age of 12. Then she faced an abusive family of her in-laws. Her villagers didn’t accept her. When such innocence meets with such brutal society, it gives birth to a revolution. So, no proper education, no foreign degrees, no financial support, no guidance; she had nothing that it takes to be an entrepreneur.

She was awarded Padamshree award

But she was a…Limited Edition

The inhuman attitude of the society left a permanent bruise on her soul. The agony inside fuelled her to put all her efforts. She was rejected in a constable training camp, nursing school and in the military. When every opportunity was snatched away from her, she decided to go to Mumbai. She started as a garment factory worker and worked hard to run her family as her father lost his job. In the year 2001, she became the president of Kamani Industries, but the company was heavily in debt and was on the verge of confiscation. She took the responsibility and made it a great success in the following decade. She was awarded the prestigious Padma Shree award in the year 2013. The Indian Government appointed her as the board of directors of the Bhartiya Mahila Bank. She is one excellent example, who in spite of being limited by society crossed all the barriers and emerged as a limited edition.

If you have the spark & passion within you then no force can stop you get what you want.

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