Wine lovers hold your breath! Here is some good news for you! Bordeaux, France, popularly known as the wine capital of the world has a new feather in its cap titled as La Cite du Vin (City of Wine).  Recently inaugurated in June, La Cite du Vin takes pride in being the first wine theme park and museum in the world. Although there are several wine museums across the globe but La Cite du Vin is one of its kinds.

Sprawling across 3.3 acres of land, La Cite du Vin is ideally located on the banks of the Garonne River in the Bassins a Flot district of Bordeaux. It is just an hour flight from the enchanting Paris. It boasts of 10 stories encompassing 20 themed areas and exhibits. It is a 92 million dollar project which is expecting around 450,000 visitors every year. The building is creatively designed t resemble swirling wine in a glass. The theme park and museum give its visitors a great insight to the consumption of wine across multiple cultures, civilizations, and ages.

It’s wine tasting sessions which are experts-led are sure to give you kicks. There is also an auditorium for classes and screenings which can accommodate 250 people. The two top floors of the building are dedicated to wine saloon commanding great views, tapas bar, a restaurant and a boutique with the stock of a variety of wines from 80 countries. You can take expert advice about wine and can also buy some of the best wines in the world from this boutique.

The funny thing is that in the theme park you have the option of sitting pretty on a luxurious chair and listen to the famous and hilarious stories of drunkenness. The explanatory dialogues are delivered in real time in one of the eight selected languages. You can choose from trilingual and hand-held guides available here to take you on a tour of the theme park and museum. Water shuttles are provided for reaching the wonderful vineyards. You can also get involved in the winemaking process and enjoy the interesting experience.

Some of the exciting activities you can indulge in at the wine park and museum:

Travel back in time through the history of wine

Enjoy a 10-minute boat ride exploring the history of wine like a wine merchant of the bygone era. This awesome ride takes you through the journey of wine from 6,000 BC to the present day. All this is done by creatively using numerous images, scents of iodine, animation movie, sea, and seaweeds. Get ready to get completely soaked in the history.

Don’t miss it!

Attend the workshop to learn the art of wine tasting. You would love it for sure.

Grab the opportunity!

Interacting with some of the finest wine experts of the world and learning about wine from them is an experience of a lifetime. Ask any question on wine be it of its taste, smell, manufacturing laws and you get the perfect answers to them straight from the experts.

Too much fun!

Enjoy a special historical re-enactment with actors depicting Napolean, Churchill, and Voltaire engaging in an entertaining but educational talks with French actor Pierre Arditi on their favorite bottles.

Tantalizing to the hilt!

Well, the best part is that you can dine at the theme park and feast on great wine and food. Nothing is more relaxing and rewarding than this. You will surely be spoilt for choice as the restaurant serves around 500 varieties of wines, out of which 50 are available by the glass.

Wine lovers what are you waiting for! Your paradise is waiting for you. Get ready for an unparalleled experience and loads of golden memories.