Google’s latest version of Android, which was out for certain Nexus devices this week, available in the market with more than 250 new features. You will find top-most changes that increase overall performance and security, like a direct boot and file-based encryption, while others will be more closely noticeable.

There is a pool of new features and tricks baked into Android 7.0 Nougat that you’ll love to try out as soon as you upgrade. Here are some that I found most amazing and useful:

More Different Emoji

Google is offering 72 new emoji options with Nougatto Android fans, including redesigned people icons, support for multiple skin tones, new foodstuffs like bacon and avocado, and more. You will find many new characters with a more human-like appearance, which is a good change from the blob-like shape of former Android emoji.

Introducing Split Screen Apps

Google is finally facilitating android with a new feature to view more than one app on screen simultaneously, and it’s about time. This conveys that now you’ll be able to operate two apps in split screen mode, making it easier to perform multiple functions like read an email and edit documents at the same time without switching to apps.

Better Notifications

Notifications are getting repaired and upgraded in Android 7.0 Nougat. The update adds up a cleaner, sleeker look to it that makes alerts easier and simple to read at a glance. Plus, there are new techniques to tailor notifications directly from the lock screen. Pressing and holding on a notification will pop up the options,which ask you to either block all notifications from a particular app or display notifications silently.

More Powerful &Efficient Battery

With its previous version of Android, 6.0 Marshmallow, Google upgraded it with a feature called Does that turns your phone into a sleep mode when your phone is lying still on desk or nightstand. Now, there is an advancement in Doze feature which will also work when your phone is not in use that is moving around in your pocket or bag, which will surely add more battery life to your Android phone.

Quick Replies

When you get a notification pop up, you’ll be able to respond quickly to it right from the notification tray in Android 7.0 Nougat. This means when you receive incoming message or email, you won’t have to really launch the app to answer. Clicking the “Reply” button will show you a text box, which is slightly quicker than opening the app first in your phone.

Anf if we talk of Iphone-7 features

Improved Features

Apple has launched new iPhone-7 with advanced features. There is a big launch party. Apple is also going to live tweet the event after activated its Twitter account.

Amazing Physical Appearance:

It offers a 4.7-inch screen with 12 MP camera and 2 GB ram in iPhone 7, and if you are looking for the bigger screen then you have an option of 5.5-inch screen in iPhone 7 Plus.

Strong Battery Life:

Battery life of iPhone 7 Plus has been improved, but Jony Ive’s commented that Apple doesn’t reflect a higher battery life to be worth important sacrificing in other areas.

Wireless Charging / Headphone Jack:

Apple offers wireless charging to a screen with built-in Touch ID and it looks thinner than ever. They have removed headphone jack which would be one way to help achieve this, compelling music enthusiasts to use wireless Bluetooth headphones or headphones that link via the Lightning port, or an adaptor.

High Screen Resolution:

With higher screen resolution it is offering 3D touch 2.0 sensor with more discrete haptic feedback. An unbreakable screen material would play well.

The year of 2016, I think will go down as a classic iPhone year, but there should still be sufficient that’s glossy and new to please the majority of Apple fans. Now I am waiting eagerly for the response of Android 7 and iPhone 7 in the market so that I can buy the best one.Aren’t you?