We Indians feel proud of our vivid recipes and love to flaunt the taste of cuisines wherever we go. The delectable flavor of our food has no match. And this is true!! We love the ‘Desi tadka’ in our food. Even in the videshi culinary, we focus on twisting it in the Indian style. Don’t you love hamburgers with aloo tikki and noodles cooked by adding a plethora of Indian spices? You certainly do!! But do you know that the lip-smacking dishes that are proudly termed as ‘Indian’ have foreign influences? Let’s take a look at some of the food that has their origin from foreign but we proudly flaunt as Indian:


Our favorite triangular delights ‘Samosa’ that we often munch when sudden hunger pangs hit us or as a tea-time snack. This savory dish traveled with the Mughals through Central Asia where it is named as ‘Sanbusak’. By adding our Indian spices, we have given it a twist.


Tempting our taste-buds, we always thought Rajma is our Desi Punjabi item. But it’s our wrong perception!!Red Kidney Bean is purely Mexican and Rajma combined with rice is their staple food.


Don’t gaze, you got that right!! Dal-rice, a comfy dish for every household in our country is not Indian at all. Its origin is from Nepal and we love eating this simple food with utmost delight.


Naan satiates our taste buds every time. But do you know that Naan, a staple of North India has Persian influences and was brought to our country during the Mughal era?


This is another great surprise for you! This sumptuous Bengali cuisine is actually a Portuguese delicacy. Bitter guard is used to making Shukto which has its roots in India but was actually prepared in Portugal. The taste of this delicious dish traveled all the way from Goa to Bengal and we truly love the spicy taste of this amazing dish.


The flavor of this spicy meat curry might tempt you and the very name takes you to the beaches of Goa. Vindaloo has its origin from Portugal where it is named as Carne de vinha d’alhos. We Indian twisted the recipe by using potatoes, palm vinegar, chicken, and varied spices.

Bandel Cheese

Wow, this is another Bengali cuisine which has Portuguese influences. Though cheese has its origin from India, the Portuguese used their own techniques to make cheese and bread. They experimented and invented the smoked flavor of Bandel Cheese.

Well, whatever might be the origin of the above-mentioned delicacies; they will always remain our mouth-watering stuff. They have been and always satiate our growling tummy. Agreed?