Excitement is in the air! You are ready to go on the first date with that person you have met through a social networking site. Just to avoid your first interaction with that person to be awkward, you can go for a breakfast date. This will keep things “not-so-complicated”

You had been eagerly waiting to meet this person who looks so smart in the picture. Many thoughts are racing through your mind and you are getting butterflies in your stomach. You are imagining all the good things in the world. To your surprise, all this turns into a nightmare when you catch the first glimpse of this person. He looks so different, almost a decade older than what he looks in his picture. And since you have already come and he has seen you, so out of courtesy you have no choice left but to sit and have dinner with him.

Disappointed, the chances are you end up drinking a couple of vodka pegs to cope up with the disappointment and. And unfortunately, you end up getting physically close to that person after the dinner. Quite possible. Isn’t it? But for sure that’s not the way.

Well rather than getting into a messy situation by going on a dinner date, go for a breakfast date. Might sound funny but it is really a great idea honey!

Here are some good reasons why you should go for a breakfast date:


Under the influence of alcoholic mind on a dinner date, you might get swayed and end up doing “not so right things”. A breakfast date will help you not get into some undesirable situation with the other person. Also, you will be able to express yourself genuinely.

Clean and clear

Needless to say when we are few pegs down we can’t make a clear judgement or the best decision. On a breakfast date, it’s easy to keep things light and clear. And you will be able to see the true personality of the other person, without the influence of alcohol.

Tippy tippy top, which food you want!

Well just imagine you are on a dinner date in a great restaurant which was actually not easy to choose. And its menu is a little complicated and you are not able to figure out what the dish would look like or taste with their confusing names such as Devils on horseback, Bubble, and squeak etc. You might have to go under the table or make an excuse to go to the washroom to Google it; else you will look ignorant and embarrassed. In contrast, breakfast food is something most of us are familiar with; at least few of them will be common among you both like juice, coffee, sandwiches etc. And it will be easier for both of you to choose the menu.

What an idea!

When you are on a breakfast date and you find the person not your type for whatever reasons, what would you do next? Simple, you can make an excuse to cut short the conversation and leave early without making the other person feel offended. You can always say you need to leave for your office or for some urgent work and it will look genuine. But if you are on a dinner date the chances are bleak that your excuses would sound genuine.

Riding for a fall!

If you are coming straight from your office then the probability is that you are coming with a lot of baggage in your mind. And to feel relaxed from a long day that you had at your workplace, you might end up taking a few drinks. This might lead you to endlessly talk about how nasty your boss is and how much workload you have etc.  That’s where things go wrong. When you are on a breakfast date you would feel fresh and will be in good shape as you are coming straight from home. You will have better topics to discuss and better judgement to make.

It’s cheap

Since you guys are meeting for the first time to take that important decision, then why to spend a fortune on a fancy dinner. For that first meeting go for a breakfast date as it will not be so expensive, regardless of who is paying. If things work out well then you can always go on a dinner date in a high-end restaurant later.

The easy way, the right way!

It goes without saying that if a woman has to get ready for a dinner date, choosing what to wear is the toughest decision. Only she knows how much energy and time it takes! But when you are going for a breakfast date it’s easy to choose an outfit. Since it’s going to be casual so even a nice T-shirt and jeans will do.

Dating is fun but it can be a horrendous or unpleasant experience. So why not try out a breakfast date before plunging into a dinner date for a better experience.