Right from the invention of the wheel, technology has made our life easier and comfortable. As far as the automobile industry is concerned, the atomization is at its optimum level, but still, the human error sometimes becomes the cause of the casualty. To minimize this human error a French based company Navya has invented a new form of transport, a Driverless vehicle ‘NAVYA ARMA.’

This unique bus has a capacity of 15 people, and the first service has started in the French city, Lyon. The bus runs on electric engine and can safely drive up to 45 km/h. A lot of countries are trying this new invention in their metropolitan cities. Many cities of France and Switzerland have completed the testing of this vehicle. Dubai, a commercial hub of UAE, has already begun the trial of this bus. In Lyon city, the bus is running at a speed of 10km/h.

The company claims that this shuttle bus does not require any driver or exclusive infrastructure. It can adapt to any situation by avoiding the stationary and dynamic obstacles. According to the company, NAVYA ARMA is environment-friendly as it runs on electric energy. Once charged by induction process, the battery can last for 5 to 13 hours. Although the experiment is a revolutionary step in itself nevertheless, this bus is still far from the routine traffic. In Lyon city, the routes are decided near a tramway where other vehicles are not allowed.

The shuttle service is not allowed to run on the regular city routes. In Lyon city, the shuttle routes are near a tramway.

In an interview,the designer of the bus Mr.Christophe Sapet told this bus is equipped with multi-sensor technology; these sensors are capable of interconnecting between themselves and combining their data to improve the decision-making of the vehicle. The 3D perception allows an exact positioning and ensures detection of an obstacle on its way.

The cost of a transport equipped with driverless shuttles is estimated 30 to 40% less expensive than a traditional transport system.

The manufacturer has kept the price around £170,000 for this fantastic vehicle. The designer of this bus Mr. Sapet has said that they are working on the technological advancement that makes it feasible for the city traffic. It would be an ideal way of reducing road casualties.The company has already received an order of 30 units, and it is trying to make more room in the bus so that it can accommodate at least 20 passengers.

An advent of the driverless vehicle is a new step towards road safety along with the advantage of environment-friendly electric engines. The viability of this vehicle is still needed to be analyzed. The designer has promised an advanced version for the roads,but designing such a shuttle will be a huge challenge for the manufacturer. Nevertheless, this technological initiative has increased the enthusiasm among the passengers, and they are keen to take a ride on this chauffeur less shuttle.