Every woman would agree when I say that our makeup has to have a mishap when we’re in a hurry. Yes, it always happens with every one of us. When we’re trying to save time, something or the other definitely goes wrong. No fret! There’s no use crying over spilled milk. Crying will make your makeup run and further complicate matters. You can’t undo your action but you can definitely do something to hide the flaw!

Here are 5 ways to hide your makeup mishaps fast:

Overly dark eye shadow

An overly dark eye shadow spoils the entire look. You definitely don’t want your eyes to look like a completely different entity from your face. Dark eyeshadows look really nice when applied with the correct technique and when they suit the occasion.

Solution: Just take a lighter shade and add it on top of the dark eye shadow to tone down the color. Make it merge and it will also help to create a smoky effect.

Excessive moisturizer

You need to moisturize your skin to keep it hydrated but if you overdo it, your face will look like a frying pan. With too much shine showing on your face, it can not only give rise to pimples but also make a lot of dirt and pollution to stick on to the excess oil.

Solution: Take some dry tissue and gently pat dry on the skin to make it absorb the excess moisturizer. Make sure you do it evenly.

Witchy lipstick

If your lipstick is too dark, your lips will give a witchy look. You definitely don’t want to scare the kids. Do you? Your lipstick should match your skin tone and personality and go well with the look you want to create. At the same time, it shouldn’t look like you’ve planted somebody else’s lips on your face!

Solution: Take a dry tissue and press your lips on it 2-3 times. Now pat your lips with your fingers to get rid of the creaminess. You can also apply a transparent lip balm on top to give your new shade a shine.

Fallen eye shadow under the eyes

It is very common for the eye shadow to fall on the cheeks but doesn’t you dare wipe it away with your finger. For all you know, you might end up looking like a peacock!

Solution: Take a cotton bud and apply some under eye moisturizer on it. Use this bud to sweep away the fallen eye shadow. In future, you can keep a dry tissue under your eyes to prevent the excess shadow from reaching the eyes.

Too much blush on your cheeks

Your face isn’t a canvas that needs to be painted red and pink. Blush is only supposed to highlight the cheek bones a little bit and not make them look like a rose garden! Keep it to a minimum.

Solution: Just pick up a clean brush and use it to sweep the excess blush outwards. If that wasn’t enough, take some translucent powder and dust it on your face. Make sure it blends else your face will look too powdery.

Just remember our little advice and don’t panic while applying makeup!