If you are thinking that keeping yourself clean and tidy makes you hygienic enough to not get any disease, then you must look around yourself, and evaluate below points, which states the germiest place possible. Read on to know more about it!

Public Washroom

As the caption suggests, it is pretty obvious that public washroom is supposed to be the germiest place of all times. If you must know, the toilet seat is a pool of bacteria which are lurking in to attack any living organism. After using the toilet, one of the trickiest parts is to come clean out of the restroom is to wash hands and dry them. The bathroom sink carries over 50,000 bacteria itself as compared to the 25,000 bacteria present in the toilet (recent report).

Refrain using the tap area of the washbasin, rather use sanitizer. If you have used the tap to wash your hands, the best way to dry your hands is to use hot air dryer. Open the door of the restroom to go out, with the use of a tissue paper to avoid risking your hands to get dirty again.

Super Markets (Grocery Stores)

We all go to supermarkets or grocery stores to shop for all kinds of household shopping. We take the grocery carts in order to keep all the listed items we intend to shop. But do you know, the same grocery cart is contaminated with fecal bacteria that can give you instant illness such as cold and cough, or even worse any viral fever.To be assured of not getting any sickness, wipe the handle of the grocery cart with an anti-bacterial wipe. Once you are done shopping, clean your hands with a sanitizer.

Public Transports

One of the quickest ways to catch hold of any bacterial illness is by traveling in a public transport. Be it travelling by flight, train, bus or even a two-wheeler, the chances of getting any illness is always high on public transport. The poles, handrails, handlebar or even the seat head rest, they are a major spot which has the most of the germs to make you fall sick.

To not be prone to any illness, try to clean your hands with sanitizer and later wash hands with an antibacterial soap, after commuting by the public vehicles.


We all think to remain fit in our life, hence we join a gym. But many of us don’t really know that often the reasons behind our fever, nausea, cold and cough or the mysterious rash is caused by being in the gym. The gym is among one of those places where you will find the most bacteria lurking in. The closed air conditioned or no air conditioned fitness center creates a space for germs in a sweaty and humid environment with no ray of fresh air coming in. At times dirty towels are seen kept on the bags which are almost touching other’s bag, water bottles, or even the fitness equipment.

To prevent yourself falling sick, you should always keep a hand sanitizer, face wash and an antibacterial soap, a pair of clean towels, a fresh set of clothes and your own clean water bottle. Most of the fitness center have their own restrooms and shower place, make sure you use only your things to refrain getting any kind of illness.


As per the recent research, your office room/desk have over 21,000 germs. It is a very big reason to worry about. Now, we all know how the staff boys always clean it with a cloth smelling of detergent. Having said so, the cloth itself is a pile of bacterial germs, because with that same cloth the staff boy cleans many desk, chair, phone and computer. Hence, you never know what kind of disease it might be carrying. Every square inch of your desk/room contains germs that you must be careful about.

One must make sure to use tissue as much possible in the workplace. Be it in the kitchen, restroom, or even in your desk/cabin. Always carry a wet tissue pack with you in the office. They are widely available in many fragrances.


Food is something that invites you in, and so does it invites the germs as well. As much as the restaurants look clean and tidy, one must know the tidiest place often catch more germs than any other places. One of the germiest of all things in the restaurant is the menu card. So if you think you are clean after washing your hand, and now you are ready to order for food. Think twice! Many people who come to eat there aren’t aware that the menu card is touched by many people, who wash their hand (but then touch the door knob) and who doesn’t wash their hand.

Do not touch the condiment bottles after washing your hands properly. Keeping a hand sanitizer or wet tissue is always advisable to refrain getting any kind of germs or contagious disease. People, who are taking their children out for lunch/dinner, need to be extra attentive to the mentioned advice.


As much as the hotel rooms smell clean and look tidy, one must know that hotel rooms are highly infected with bacterial germs. Most of the germs are found in the comfort of a bed, television remote, bathroom counter and the toilet seats.Before locking in a room in a hotel, make sure you check the rooms with a staff beforehand. If you are booking the rooms online, kindly put a special remark of a proper cleaning of the room prior to your arrival.

Hospitals or a Doctor’s clinic

Hospital or a doctor’s chamber contains the most germs and bacteria that can give you enough reason to fall sick. Carry sanitizer or wet tissues to clean your face and hands, if you have touched anything in the hospital/doctor’s clinic. If you are accompanied by children, best to take their toys along with you for them to play with. Once you are home, wash/clean the toys! If you are waiting for your appointment in the waiting room, please do sit away from an ailing patient.

The smart way to live germ-free is to prevent you from not touching something which might be used by someone else in the public places. In order to stay healthy, be smart and carry your personal items that help you stay clean and hygienic.