The other day Rakshita along with her husband was having a ball in a lavish party of her friend Tanya who was single and ready to mingle. Five pegs down; Tanya was having a serious conversation with Rakshita about the relationship. She said, “ Rakshita I have always seen you happy with your husband. I wonder what the secret of your happy married life is. Promptly, Rakshita answered “the secret is that we drink together and we find plenty of reasons to drink together” and both of them laughed away to glory. Well, Rakshita might have said it on a light note but it is actually true that couples who drink together are happier as per the several scientific studies were done by the renowned universities across the globe. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you start drinking if you don’t drink but somewhere it does make a difference if a couple drinks together.

Brings a sense of satisfaction

We have often heard that couples who eat together, pray together are happy.  But it would be no exaggeration to say that drinking together also contributes a great deal to the happiness of the couples. Many women say that they feel some kind of discontent in their relationship when they drink but their life partners don’t. This kind of dissatisfaction comes especially when the female in the couple drinks and the male doesn’t or vice-versa also. And according to the research, it is not about how much the couple drinks together, rather it all boils down to whether they drink together or not. At the same time ask any couple who drinks together; you would hear them say it brings a satisfaction.

Positive perception of the relationship

Such couples who drink together seem to have the most positive perception of their relationship. And it is one of the ways how they spend quality time together. It is like glue which keeps a couple glued to each other. Drinking becomes fun when you do it together and it can lead to lighter moments and a lot of adventure.

Shed inhibitions

Maybe when a couple drinks together they shed their inhibitions and talk out their hearts. It’s like you both are on the same page and you don’t need to pretend or hesitate.

Share everything

As people say that when you are drunk you tend to share all your secrets. So you kind of open up your life sharing your desires, secrets, problems to your spouse without a hitch.

Don’t judge each other

And probably that is the time when you both are drunk you don’t judge each other.

Lesser arguments

Less argument is another benefit of drinking together.

 No jealousy

Sometimes when you don’t drink and your spouse is out to enjoy himself by having a couple of drinks, you might feel jealous. But when you go out together to relax with a couple of drinks, you would love it and your bond becomes stronger.

Spice up!

Drinking together also adds spice to a relationship. It’s never boring for a couple who drink together.

Good laughter

Feeling light in the head, feeling like a free spirit, while enjoying your drinks and company of your spouse, you do share a good laugh which a couple usually miss in the humdrum of daily life.