Different people, different perspectives! And when it comes to the topic of alcohol, you would find people having strong opinions on whether it’s good or bad to consume alcohol. Well, alcohol in itself is not good or bad, it is actually how much and the way we consume it which defines whether it’s beneficial or harmful. We need to set our own limits because someone has rightly said that excess of everything is bad. Alcohol can be poison or tonic, but it all boils down to its dose. It’s all about you striking that balance between the risk and the benefits.

The human species have been consuming alcoholic beverages for ages, in fact, if you go back to the earlier eras you would find that alcoholic drinks like wine and beer were almost considered as dietary staples consumed to gain essential calories and were safe to drink. In some cultures, red wine is still used in holy sacraments, while in others alcohol is completely banned. Well, whatever be the opinion, it’s always better if it is supported by scientific research or evidence.

For sure we must stay away from alcohol abuse and there is no second thought about it as it can cause different kinds of health problems but moderate drinking is not harmful, rather according to several scientific studies moderate drinking (especially wine) improves health and prolongs life in comparison to heavy drinking or no drinking at all. So it’s ok to hit the bar once in a while and enjoy a drink to have a good time! But also remember that moderate drinking also depends on your body type and other factors. So before you set any standard for moderate drinking, figure out what is really moderate for you.

Let’s see some of the possible benefits of moderate drinking, supported by scientific research:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption is the major reason of fatty liver which is a cause of many diseases whereas frequent but moderate drinking helps in reducing the chances of fatty liver by around 60 percent according to the research.
  • According to hundreds of scientific studies, moderate drinking reduces the risk of heart attack, sudden cardiac death, peripheral vascular disease and other cardiovascular diseases to around 25 to 40 percent.
  • Moderate drinking also lowers the risk of gallstones and type 2 diabetes. As per the research conducted by the University of East Anglia, if a person consumes two UK units of alcohol every day, he lowers one-third chances of having gallstones problem.
  • One drink before the meal can benefit you in the process of digestion. That sounds cool!
  • One of the great benefits of moderate drinking is relaxation after a day full of stress. According to a study conducted by the Catholic University of Campobasso moderate drinking can reduce the risk of death by up to 18 percent. And it’s always better to take alcohol during meals.
  • If we go by the new research moderate drinking can improve your libido.
  • It lowers the risk of you catching a cold easily.
  • As per some scientific studies, moderate drinkers are less vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease in comparison to nondrinkers.

Well since moderate drinking may have some health benefits as stated by various scientific studies from time to time but that doesn’t mean you are recommended to drink alcohol if you are a non-drinker. To drink or to not drink is a personal choice. So whatever choice you make, make it wisely.