“A Healthy body and a healthy mind release a happy hormone which makes you feel good, calm and composed during the work hours.”

Staying fit at a workplace is one big task for every working person these days. At work, one is so engrossed with their deadlines, presentation, and meetings (one after the other), that there is no time to take a deep breath or sigh of relief. This makes the body quite tense and it leads to various health problems such as obesity, cranky behaviour, agitation, tension, body pain, headache, and loss of appetite as well beside many other issues. Such health issues pile a lot of mental tension which at the end of the day, at times also shows in your work.
In a career-oriented lifestyle, one must never neglect the needs of a body. Everyone desires to stay fit; however, they do not take any healthy step to be fit. We bring you few very simple ways of staying fit at your workplace.
Read on to know how to master the skills of staying fit, energized and relaxed in your office hours.

1. Park your vehicle a little far from the entrance of your office.
The first way to stay fit at your workplace is to park your car/bike away from the nearest spot available in the parking lot. Take a walk from your parking place to your building.

2. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs.
We all dread the idea of climbing the stairs; however fitness experts always recommend taking the stairs and not the elevator. At first, it might take up your strength but soon when you are used to climbing stairs; it will make you feel energetic. Therefore, whenever possible try to take the stairs than pressing the button of the elevator.

3. Say no to caffeine throughout the day.
Caffeine controls central nervous system, and hence in taking a lot of tea or coffee, in a day, shrinks the ability to think fast, and feel energized all the time. If you feel drowsy or uneasy, in that case, you may wash your face and go out for a stroll and get some fresh air for an instant energy.

4. Stretch yourself in every 1-2 hours.
Sitting all day in the same position and constantly working on the computer/laptop, consumes more of your body energy. It is best advised that you get up, stretch yourself and feel a little loosened up.

5. Eat in small proportion to keep your metabolism in balance.
Rather munching on chips, junk fries, soda and caffeine, try having fruits. Feeling hungry then have an apple, a banana or even a salad. Eating in small proportion and not taking one full meal at one go, keeps your metabolism rate in balance. If you eat only three full meals in a day, it will make you grumpy, and give you intense body fat. The idea of having healthy food in proportion is to stay fit all the time.

6. Keep yourself hydrated with juice or water.
Drinking water is another way to stay fit at a workplace. The hydrated body keeps you feeling fresh. Doctor’s advice is to drink a maximum 1-2 liter of water on a daily basis. If that is not possible, then drink a minimum of 1 liter of water. Also, drinking water every half an hour also gives you a reason to go to the restroom, which means a reason to get up and walk.

7. Take your eyes off your laptop/computer every 30-40 minutes.
Being on the computer/laptop and then also the phone drains your mental energy. To avoid it, take a break of 5 minutes in every half hour. Take your eyes off from your system in every 30-40 minutes for your eyes to re-adjust to a normal sight. If you have tired eyes, massage (not rub) your eyelids gently, with your ring fingers of both hands respectively for 30 seconds.

8. Take deep breaths whenever you feel uneasy because of sitting for too long.
If you feel a little tensed up or hyper (which is caused by sitting in one position for too long), leave everything and take a deep breath. Slowly inhale and exhale for a good 2 minutes. It is one of the most performed exercises by any working person, to release the body tension. It keeps you at cool and helps you perform better at work.
Staying fit at a workplace is one push to keeping yourself rejuvenated, relaxed and motivated all the time. It helps you stay calm and composed during the pressure of any deadline or responsibility.

If YOU are fit, then you also feel positive from the inside. Not only it really helps to be productive but also lets you achieve your goals in the workplace.